Ukraine Fundraiser

Sammy Horner

Ukraine Fundraiser

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No matter your particular views on what’s happening in Europe right now the fact remains that millions are without homes and basic essentials. God Squad Ukraine are on the ground in the country joining with military and supporting families, so all funds from this single will go right to them. You can grab it at band camp of course BUT that means they will get a cut.

I am gonna put the WAV file for the song AND the video in a WE TRANSFER link for one week…an honour system of sorts… this means you can download both and if you wish, send a donation.

Both Kylie and I can get donations through our PayPal accounts but we are happy to send bank details for UK / Ireland/ USA or Australia in a personal message. At this point, there is a chance that we will be going out there with the truck, we are waiting to see if that is doable right now, we will keep you in the loop.

Meantime toss some of your hard earned in our direction and every cent, penny, dollar, pound, Euro, gold coin, silver ingot, bronze doubloons, title deeds, shekels or large bags of cash will go to the cause…EVERY penny. It drops tomorrow, St Patrick’s Day March 17th. Oh…share away….
We Transfer…

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