Sammy Horner

Sammy Horner

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Sammy Horner

Sammy Horner is a musician, songwriter, author, speaker, pastor and aid worker.  He still tours extensively all over the planet.

‘Sammy Horner refuses to fit neatly into a single pigeon hole in the music world. He is a Celtic folk singer/songwriter but he’s recorded albums with his veteran band the Electrics which are nearer punk rock than anything else. He has recorded grizzly murder ballads but also Celtic worship music to electro beats. He has played at huge festivals before tens of thousands yet is happy to play to a handful of people in a home concert’

Tony Cummings.  Crossrhythms Magazine

‘Sammy Horner is the creative source behind this album and he has been making consistently excellent music since his involvement with Scottish band, The Electrics, dating back to the 1980’s. Their Celtic Rock sound owed as much to the influence of Horslips, as it did to the Pogues and the band continues to play occasionally, dipping into an impressive back catalogue of releases. Sammy also has created quite a number of independent projects over the years, together with his ongoing activities in youth and Christian work. He has produced children’s albums and books, promoted music as integral to Celtic spirituality and involved himself in community-based congregation. Something of a renaissance man, he can look at a career that has spawned forty-plus releases to date and there are no signs of slowing down for this human dynamo.’

Paul McGee.  Lonesome Highway Magazine.


‘Sammy Horner is a musician who doesn’t do things in half measures.’

Brendan Keane. Wexford People

‘He’s an inspirational guy, and one of the best songwriters I know. Sammy can write about the Gospel without making you feel like he’s trying to change you. He knows how to tell the story that can change your life. I like helping him do that.’

Phil Madeira. Red Dirt Boys, Author, Artist, Songwriter and Nashville Session god.