The Electrics best of (Download)

Sammy Horner

The Electrics best of (Download)


This CD came out during the Celtic Music Revival of the mid to late 90s. A lot of good traditional Celtic music was being turned out and I was delighted to see a band that was not only Celtic, but Christian as well. The Electrics for the most part avoid traditional tunes and write original ones instead, which in my mind, gives this rock band a Celtic flavour, rather than being true Celtic music. That is not a put down as the music is very energetic fun music that is also reverent. My favourite song on the CD is “the whole shebang” which is songwriter Sam Horner’s way of describing surrendering everything to the Lord. The music for the most part is brilliant. The one complaint I have, is not really a complaint but a rolling of the eyes is the little cartoon character on the cover. Whoever produced the album felt it necessary to have a cartoonish Scotsman in a plaid vest and beret to show this band was from Scotland and Ireland. Don’t let that deter you from getting this album. There is good stuff inside.

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