New Patreon website launched

Sammy Horner

New Patreon website launched

Sammy Horner Wexford


Check out our new Patreon Website here

Hi everyone and welcome to Patreon.  lf you are here, then you probably know plenty about  the globe-trotting Irishman who has been sharing his infectious blend of Celtic rock and folk all over the planet for more than thirty years. Chances are you have seen him / The Sweet Sorrows / The Electrics at a show in the UK, across the EU, or USA, Australia and Canada…

Spending often 40 weeks a year on the road has been almost exclusively how earning a living has worked along with wife Kylie, until the present pandemic brought that to a halt in 2020 and the world as we knew it changed.
Studio work is ongoing, Sammy keeps writing and creating new works which now are piling up in boxes under beds seeing as how we can’t be in front of live audiences. New albums have been financed by Crowd Funding which only pays to have the record made but doesn’t actually pay us. It has been necessary to look at fresh ways to stay afloat, keep creating and somehow find a way to tour when we can without being away all the time but still maintain the relational connection that we have with so many on the road.

Fact is, our ability to survive has always been in your hands and we are so grateful that we have been given the opportunity and blessing to travel, perform, write and record. To those of you who have booked us, bought our recordings, shirts, books and other stuff, we thank you!

It seemed a good time to rethink how we do everything, and one way that would really help is to have a steady income stream each month. This subscription platform is a way that fans and friends can contribute a monthly amount and in return get a more personal access to songwriting, making demos, hearing new stuff first, having conversations, sharing blogs on inspiring books and other things that encourage and feed our souls, interviews, special offers and more. 

We really want to keep making music and bringing stories, songs, art, encouragement, challenge and joy to you all so, thank you for taking time to check out this latest development in our journey..we hope you come with us for the ride.

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