Far Away Places

Sammy Horner

Far Away Places

  • Release date: 2021-04-02

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    Good ship Kelly jean

    Sammy Horner solo

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    The Good Ship Kelly Jean

    the days were long and dreadful the landlords were unkind
    no home, no food no future, no joy, no peace of mind
    they said there was a new world, the likes of us could live
    so we headed to the docklands, to see what they could give

    Captain Conal was a Quaker he was good and strong and fair
    he welcomed us aboard and promised he would get us there
    he said ‘you’ll have to pull your weight but you will do just fine
    I’ve never lost one passenger on any watch of mine’

    haul away boys haul away
    there’s nothing left here for us anyway
    the voyage won’t be easy and there’s nothing in between,
    so we settled in the belly of the good ship Kelly Jean

    Captain Conal ran a tight ship, they were a loyal crew
    before they would set sail again, he’d tell them what to do
    ‘treat passengers with deep respect and simple dignity,
    any sailor who ignores this will be answerable to me’

    soon the cruel ocean was beating on the bow
    Conal smiled and shouted out ‘no going back there now!
    I’ve seen the place your headed and it is rich and green
    and I swear you’ll get there safely on the good ship Kelly Jean’

    it was six weeks on the open sea before we saw the shore
    it slowly dawned that we would see our homeland nevermore
    but Conal shared a meal with us and looked us in the eye
    ‘work hard now for your children and your people will not die’

    Good ship Kelly jean
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    Linger Here beside You

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    Linger Here Beside You

    these days are strange that’s come
    and you are still so young
    but even so I see your worried glances
    it all seems so unsure
    what lies behind our door
    they say that no one should be taking chances

    come lay here in my arms and look into my eyes
    and you will see the love that nothing can disguise
    no matter what this day requires us all to do
    your mammy will just linger here beside you

    sure life can make us smile
    and also make us cry
    it has been that way far back as we remember
    at times you'll think you’re king
    and others just a slave
    when hope seems nothing but a dying ember

    Linger Here beside You
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    now listen here me mates I’ve a story to relate
    and you might find it hard to believe
    there’s a rumour going round
    saying jobs there can be found
    If you travel far across the mighty sea

    but I’ve heard that it's true
    for the likes of me and you
    honest labour's hard to find there if you try
    it's been whispered here to me
    the first sign that you will see
    says the irish need not apply

    apparently the French are allowed to use a wrench
    the Germans building houses by the score
    and no one’s bothered much, if you’re Danish or you’re Dutch
    and Englishmen get offers even more
    to find work in a bar is limited by far
    if you came from Donegal you'll wonder why
    doesn't matter what the season and it makes no sense or reason
    the sign says if you’re Irish don't apply

    I’m sure you think I’m rakin' or making stories up
    but my sources are reliable be sure
    and I wouldn’t tell a lie, cross my heart and hope to die
    there’s some work for you there if you endure
    you must think a little broader, for you'll be cannon fodder
    or laying rails in deserts hot and dry
    well all that work is thriving if you don't mind not surviving
    and for these jobs the Irish may apply

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    Children Of White Rock

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    he Children Of White Rock

    we left White Rock behind us
    on a tall ship under sail
    took the broad Atlantic with the dolphin and the whale
    we're bound for New York City, and opportunity
    it's all that’s left for a no chance soul like me

    two thousand miles behind us, two thousand till we're there
    too far out to turn back
    too far gone to care
    I curse the cur who sold me my ticket at the dock
    and tore me from the children of White Rock

    they tell me that there's plenty
    and the streets are paved with gold,
    but all I feel’s the biting steel of hunger and the cold
    so pass around the bottle, I need it's company
    It’s all that's left for a no chance soul like me

    so fair thee well my homeland
    and my lazy no-good friends
    fair thee well my darling
    I'll love you to the end
    and I won't forget your cheating heart
    as flimsy as your frock
    I will always miss you, the children of White Rock

    Children Of White Rock
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    Annie Glover

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    Annie Glover

    come all you young Irish lads, lassies as well
    I’ll spin you a yarn that one day you’ll tell
    don’t make it a whisper make sure that you yell
    the ballad of poor Annie Glover

    now Annie was raised on her family’s farm
    they worked on the land, they did no one harm
    like many a girl, fell for a man’s charm
    his wife she became Annie Glover

    a daughter she bore him then sadly he died
    now young mother Annie had nothing beside
    for a husband and father sweet Annie now cried
    the heartbroken poor Annie Glover

    as darkness descended for reasons unknown
    the roundhead came into dear Annie’s home
    and shipped her and daughter across briny foam
    she never knew why Annie Glover

    then both made to work, John Goodwin their lord
    no wages were given except food and board
    the Irish were free so they all could afford
    the likes of sweet old Annie Glover

    but all Goodwin’s daughters fell sick at one time
    The doctors were helpless to make them feel fine
    'It’s witch craft' they said, ‘a hex is the crime’
    and blamed it on old Annie Glover

    now Annie praised Jesus in her mother tongue
    and also in Latin to her faith she clung
    but she couldn’t in English and so she was hung
    As a witch she died poor Annie Glover

    Annie Glover
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    we are heading to a new land,
    like nothing we have seen
    one part is a desert
    the other emerald green
    it's hard now to imagine it
    but one day we might say
    there's less of us in Ireland than in California

    to Connecticut , New Jersey
    New York and Ohio,
    Illinois & Massachusetts
    to Iowa we'll go
    we'll bring our music with us
    and we will dance and say
    there's less of us in Ireland than in California

    this new land will have Murphys, O’Donnels, McEvoys
    there'll be Connors and Fitzgeralds,
    and them McCarthy Boys
    the Ryans and the Foleys pick their fiddles up and play
    there's less of us in Ireland than in California

    there'll be Kellys in Kentucky
    the Byrnes in Baltimore
    the San Francisco Sullivans
    O'Briens by the score
    Saint Patrick's Christian Brothers
    who also when they pray
    say there’s less of us in Ireland than in California

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    it was in West Cork I breathed my first
    it was there that I grew tall
    my father a strong cottier
    my mother quaint and small,
    we worked the land, it paid the rent
    put food upon our plate
    we never starved till ‘46
    t’was when we felt it’s weight.

    for she used to be delightful,
    the finest place you’d seen
    she used to be magnificent
    in her forty shades of green
    you’d never want to leave her
    not if ever you’d ever been
    to our town before the hunger came
    and it starved poor Skibbereen.

    it started with a rumour
    that the praties had turned bad
    the land was giving nothing back
    the worst crops that we’d had.
    but we’d been thru hard times before
    community was strong
    but we’d never seen the likes before
    we couldn’t be more wrong

    we heard the Murphys’ son had died
    their daughter close behind
    the sadness, oh the sadness
    almost made us lose our minds.
    they told us we were lucky
    how thankful we should be
    as they sealed us in a coffin boat
    and pushed us out to sea

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    just close your eyes my gentle wee boy
    today has been a long with nought to enjoy
    I know that you're belly is empty and sore
    hush go to sleep my wee darling

    hush now go to sleep
    wake in that place were you'll no longer weep
    your mammy is there, soon I will come
    hush go to sleep my wee darling

    your days have been sort
    upon this green land
    why it's so hard you can’t understand
    so close your dear eyes your Da has your hand
    hush go to sleep my wee darling

    I'll tell you a tale, best as I can
    they say that the good Lord has promised a land
    there’s food on each table as much as you want
    so hush go to sleep my wee darling

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    Immigrant Eyes

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    Immigrant Eyes

    He stands on the corner a far away look in his eye
    what is he seeing, somewhere that's not here or now
    is it bright, is it sunny or noisy and teaming with life
    or grey as this corner dull with the shadows of strife?

    he stands on the corner like I did decades ago
    with a far away look and a dream that some day I'd go
    see far away faces and places you just see in dreams
    and the memory returns and cuts through all that I’ve seen

    now less and less places remain that were here long ago
    and old Rainbow Corner's a drop in for strangers, y'know
    and the Fair Green's all grey its not been green for many a year
    and the sound of the fair is just a buzz in my ear

    do I wanna go on, go back or stay in-between
    much here has changed or remained, but seen thru times screen
    and he on the corner who's dark eyes see some other place
    who'll be here tomorrow filling the same empty space?

    I know to go back takes me nowhere however I try
    there’s places and spaces alive and yet time still flies by
    I just can't go back to a memory that often is flat
    but here in this moment of time is just where it's at

    Immigrant Eyes
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    Song Isn't Singing

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    The Song Isn't Singing

    I’m just a poor farmer, an Irishman proud
    we sang songs to the hearts of our women
    and we danced in the fields like we owned the whole land
    when the land of the song was still singing

    but the blight it has come and ruined our crops
    and the songs from our throats have been driven
    to the grave like our mothers and fathers before
    when the land of the song was still singing

    they said we'd have hope if we worked hard and prayed
    but they lied in the tidings they're bringing
    my wife died to hunger my child of disease
    in the land were the song wasn't singing

    those English fat asses just sat on their hands
    and the church lied beyond my forgiving
    for what’s there to say as they send me away
    from a land where the song isn't singing

    oh the tunes of my country the reels and the jigs
    everyday in my head are still ringing
    will I hear them one day, on a shore far away
    from the land where the song isn't singing

    Song Isn't Singing
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    No Man Is An island

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    No Man Is An island

    come sit round me table
    and share in a meal
    let’s tell all our stories together
    for it's in community each of us thrive
    its how we survive wind and weather

    no man is an island
    no woman can live
    without kindly neighbours
    and others who give
    a hand when we're helpless
    so come let us live and
    give thanks for our our friends and relations

    there's not much to eat
    but there’s plenty to share
    the poems and songs you're recalling
    will help feed our spirits
    until there's a time
    when things will not be so appalling

    No Man Is An island
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    These Days Will Pass

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    These Days Will Pass

    It seems too long since life was fine
    pain goes by in slower time
    we shared the little that we had
    where things had never been that bad

    keep your head high, this time will soon be done
    just believe that, the best is yet to come
    for even hard times will wither like the grass
    these days will pass, these days will pass

    sure trouble makes or breaks a man
    some give in while others stand
    and somewhere in the midst the fear
    they know these days will disappear

    we'll make our journey , find our place
    some day soon in God's good grace
    and we'll be glad for what we've done
    for our daughters for our sons

    These Days Will Pass

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